We got a task today, “Pose and Act”. At the start we had to make a GIF animation of two poses that are opposites of each other, like happy and sad, or hot and cold. We had about 1 hour, so I rushed off and had flying start. I look at youtube and google’d some pictures for references. So can u guess what i was going for?

So after we were finished with this we sat down in groups to discuss. The purpose of the group was to help each other to make the poses better. Some key words that were mention was “line of action”, believable, silhouettes, and extreme poses. I found the comments and critic very helpful, although it’s not the big changes that often has to be done to see a difference.
So as you can see on the pictures above, I just did some small changes to head and move the camera at the first pose so you see more of the person and still see the facial expressions.  At the second pose, I had to do some more changes. The right leg had to be move a bit backwards to give the pose a bit more pose. And the left arm didn’t work, so I moved it down to his thigh so it’s resting there. I gave the spine a bit more bend and moved the camera down so the arm is leading up to the head.   The head had also some minor changes, tilted a bit more down and changed the eye so they stilled look up and forward.

The silhouettes gives a lot more sense now, and you see what the character is doing.  At the moment we can’t understand how to upload a GIF file, but when we understand it, it will come right up. For now you can download the first and the second version of the GIF animation at the bottom of this post.
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File Size: 156 kb
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