This was a project I was looking forward to. We had to make storyboard in groups, and decide how the angles of the camera should be, and so on.

We had a daily activity where we worked in groups. The activity didn’t go that well, so we felt that we needed to show that we can work together. I really think we learned a lot about each other just from that small 1 hour activity.

People in the group:

Mats Hovind -

Knut Eliassen -

Jan Kristian Sætre -

Andreas Magnussen - u are here!

I kinda fell into a position in the group as the group leader, the one who arranged meetings and made sure people were where they supposed to be. I didn’t mind that at all, because I am not afraid to push others to do their best. I am organized person who likes to have control on what I am working with. But when things don’t goes as intended, I try to keep my head cool and still get the job done. I have to admit that I got stressed out a couple of times, but the others helped me get back on track.

The time for this project was about 1 week, but in that time range, we had to make an animatic too. So we felt that we had to decide what treatment we should make the storyboard from, and this was big decision and a tricky part.

We had 3 treatments, all very different. 2 of em was meant for a 1 min animation, and the last one was a bit longer, about 5-10 min long story. But the main idea here was so good, that we chose to pick parts from it, and make in shorter so we would manage to make a storyboard in the given time. We brainstormed for about 1 hour before Knut started to write the 1st draft for the treatment, and rest of us started on the first draft for the storyboard.

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People tend to show up a bit late sometimes, so the ones who are at school just keeps working and makes decisions. I showed what I thought for a first draft, and all that day we sat down as a group and made choices on how the shots should look like. Brought in a pair of fresh eyes sometimes, and got new ideas. The whole storyboard got hung up on the wall so we clearer could see the story. It evolved and we experimented a lot.

So we took the weekend off from the project and met up at Monday. We had a couple of new ideas and made some more changes, but not before we had it discussed properly. And I mean properly. Just one small discussion about one small shot could go on for an hour or so.

Been a lot for writing. I am now going to try to show how we took the different decisions about camera angles and why we chose to do things differently than the first draft.

"The fly away scene"

The thought here was to let the viewer see the spaceships leave and the plant explode in one scene. We wanted the ships to pass the camera so you could see the details close up, but still see the earth in the background.

First draft:
The start was to violent, seems like they rushed out of there, but this was a planned event, and they left long before the comets hit. So we drew them closer to the camera and let the comet crush the earth after they had left.

Second draft:
Almost what we were looking for, but chose not to let the earth be in the middle of screen and it gives a more powerful look when the ships fly almost to side of the camera, than down and to the side. It almost goes straight intot the camera now.

"The hibernation scene"

This was a key scene. We wanted to show many people in pods who where in hibernation and show that the captain was alone. So we wanted it to finished we a wideshot to show all the people and him standing in front of them. We got this idea that we could zoom in on of the pods and then zoom out to the wide shot.

The first draft:

The final didn’t change much, just the camera angle. By lowering horizon we got really nice look.

The final:

"The wake up scene"

Here we wanted him to wake up from the dream/flashback. He had to wake up from something that showed him that they had discovered a new planet they could live on. Tried a longshot before we had an insert of the radar.

The first draft:

This didn’t work at all. The camera was angle was weird and you don’t get that he wakes up. So we had to do some big changes here. We wanted the effect that what we have seen had been inside his head, so we went for a drift out shot from his eye. And then he suddenly opens them when he wakes up from the sound.  Instead of the insert of the rader, we combined them and made it onto 1 singel shot. Gives it a better flow. We had a couple of to many insert shots, so this was one good way to remove one of them.

The second draft:

The final didn’t change much.

The final:

"The meteor hit scene"

In this scene a meteor was going to hit the ship. I thought of a long shot so you get this big epic feeling.

1st draft:

The angle didn’t quit work out, but I still wanted a longshot. but the others wanted a medium shot to show the impact more.  We redrew it from another angel, and added one more frame. Since it's in space, we felt that everything should go a bit slow, so the shot had to be longer.

2nd draft:
The final got even closer. Personal I think it should have been longer away.

The final:

"In the door scene"

This is where he gets in to the section. I had the idea that he was standing in the door. A longshot.

First draft:

After a discussion we wanted to try how it would look with a medium shot.

Second draft:

We didn’t like that as much of the long shot, so we made it back to the longshot and added a light behind him to give him a heroic feeling.


"The bye bye scene"

This is where the section is let go and drift out to the space.

1st draft:

So, this was a bit emo. If he is going to kill himself to save many others, he needs a bit more heroic look. The salute gives you that feeling. Instead of having a camera in space, we now let be inside the part of the space ship that flies away. To achieve that we zoomed out a bit constantly in the shot to revealed a window frame.

2nd draft:

The final didn’t change. But we might have added one more frame of the section being even more far away.


"Our new home scene"

The end was a bit tricky. At first we didn’t have any real end, we made one where someone is coming out their pods and overview of the many people staring at their new home.

First draft:

Didn’t quite work out. The pods where set wrong, and the shot don’t gives a good feeling with a medium shot here. Bu the overview of the crowd and the zooming in at the planet will give it sweet end. So we draw it again, this time with a close up of someone leg coming out, the a camera paning upwards her back.

The second draft:

Now it works good. The final didn't change.

The final:
We also did some minor changes, but nothing very big. The scene where he pushes the button was changed to a more satisfied insert shot with a angel that isn't to boring. You can download the 3 different drafts here, and see how it evolved.

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The work method.

After we had decided that we were happy with the final draft, we divided up in 2 teams. Knut and I was going to the drawing, while Jan Kristian and Mats was going to look forward for the animatic and start to get the timing right.

Since Knut has great experience when it comes to digitally drawing, we chose to go for that. I haven't  done specially much of that, so it was a bit scary for me, but a exciting challenge. We started off with a blast and drew a lot the first day. But we did a big mistake, the drawings were to detailed and we used so much time on each drawing. This meant that we had to draw for a longer time than we really had time to. 12 hours a day.

I drew something for the storyboard, and showed it to Knut. He mentioned that highlights was missing, and the image overall was to "flat". I couldn’t really understand why that would make my images awesome, but I could clearly see that something was missing after seeing some of his sketches. So I went ahead and tried to add highlights and a much darker shadow color, and actually thinking of where the light is coming from. This helped a lot.
Here is the final story board frame by frame. click to get bigger.
I think that the camera overall in the movie shows what we wanted too. I really like where he camera show how alone the captain is, but it are other peoples here, but they are in hibernation. The close up of the eyes give really the expression of that something is coming his way, and that it is really bad. I think that the view will see it that way.

I also love the part where the section drifts away into the space. The camera movement isn't big, but you can see that the section is going further and further away, but the viewer is still on the ship and have to leave him behind.

The angles at the end is also delightful. A mysterious end for the story. I think that we did a good job one this part.
I would change the part where the meteors hits the ship. I want a wideshot here that gives the feeling of the space being huge. Maybe get some fast cutting into a close up of the meteor hitting it, and then back to a wideshot again. Just to show how big the damage is, but still you can see the action up close.

I don’t really think I would done anymore big changes. Just some more of the running to show how big the ship is and maybe add some more at the end of people coming out.

We also added some text to the template. To tell what the camera does and what happens. Here is the pdf file, it's bad resolution on that, so I have also every page in a zip fil.

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First of all, I am happy to be done. And this is a reflection on the group work on project 6 AND 7. Since the work was divided in that way, it will be a reflection on both of at the same time

Group work VS workload.

 I want to reflect a bit at the end. This was a group project where we didn’t have very much spare time and I am completely sure of that everyone on the group knew that. When I am in a group, I know that people expect something of me and I am surely expecting something from the one I work with. If I get a task, I give it 100% of my attention and I do my best. If don’t know how I will make it, I talk to the other on the group and get help as fast as possible. I don’t show up the day it should be done, and say I couldn’t do it.

In one way I am happy and really pleased with the result we did here, but I am also a bit pissed and upset. The quality of the drawings are really nice looking, but we miss some frames to make the storytelling a bit clearer. We would have had time to that if everyone on the group and worked hard. It wouldn’t even be necessary to work hard, he could just worked a bit more and we would have made the whole project flawless.

Some of us worked 12 hours each day. I don’t say that I expect that from everyone, but I expect them to work  dedicated and to show up on time. When people don’t do their job, the job falls down to someone else on the group. One person can drag the whole group down.

I really think that a group project shows what kind of people they are. I am really proud of the work I did one this one. I have learned a lot and done my best to get this project done. A big part of this group did a good job.