So we have to present two idea's for our upcoming movie project. I have thought about the first idea for a couple of months now. Then second has been developed in the last days, and is not really finished, but I can write some about it. If I knew that we had to come up with more than 1 idea, I would had given it more time.

First idea.

When I started thinking about the upcoming movie project it was 2 things that affected my starting point for developing an idea. It's a lot of 3ds shorts that are in the comedy genre. So I wanted the idea to go in another direction. I want it to be a bit sad, a lot more slower pace than other 3d shorts.

And the second thing. What will I achieve with this 3d short and how can I manage to do that? Of course I want attention from the 3d industry and other people in the business. As I see it, it is two possible ways to do that. You can make a 3d short where the graphics and the effects is mind blowing, or you can have good story that make people think and want to see the movie twice.

Take a look at these two movies first, it will get you in the right mood. I want something similar look from Sonata and the soundtrack and editing from the Pianist is brilliant. So want to achieve some of that.
So, let's talk about the idea. It's all about a man who has lost is pregnant wife and through the entire movie it will be a slow piano soundtrack. So not many other sounds. And the whole look of the movie will be a bit greyish and sad.

All of the action will take place in the apartment to the man. You can clearly see that he is sad and as a viewer you will think "why is he sad?" Then you will maybe see a wedding picture of him and his wife in the background, and/or a empty side of the king size bed. Then the viewer will wonder what happened to her? They start to look for answers.

Then the story goes another direction, and the viewer finds out that the wife was pregnant. That can be showed in by a pregnant test lying in the bathroom cabinet and/or he walks into the nursery they made together. Now the viewers will have sympathy and really think that the man don’t deserve this.

So, how did his pregnant wife get killed? This is a tricky part to show, but I thought of a newspaper. The headline can be something like "Millionaire gets away with murder, thanks to good lawyers"  The subtext will fast and short explain that the pregnant wife was drove over or something similar and that he used all his expensive lawyers to get away.

After that we see that the man is looking in a album or something and takes up a gun. He his almost crying. Most of the people out there will think that he is going to take his life. But when he turns some of the pages, you can see that he have planned a murder. He takes up his gun and walks out the front door. Then we get a fade to white or black and we hear screaming, gunshots and sirens.

The last scene will be in a interrogation room where the man sits with a bright light in his face. Then some polaroid pictures is put down at the table. Picture of the millionaire's wife, and son.

So, I know this is a bit messy written, but it's a bit hard to explain. Everything seems pretty perfect in my head. The main idea with the movie is to make people think. Can they feel sorry for the person although he took revenge? Had you did something like that if you lose someone so close to you?

This is how I imagine the main character. I want a character with the facial from the 2 pictures to the right, and that it should be as low poly as the Max Payne character to the left.

The girl needs to be really cute. The face needs to be beautiful. I want something like this. But of course not too high poly.

This is just a basic layout for the apartment as I can see it.

I have also thought as much on how this movie can be made. Lets chat a bit about that.

This version is for 1-2 persons


·         The apartment scene can be modeled by 1 person in about 2-3 days. Here I want a full apartment where everything is modeled so we can play around and try camera work.

·         The interrogation scene will take a half day.

·         The main character. Maybe 3 days. Will be used for close-ups, so needs to be very good.

·         The wife character. 2 days. Only used for pictures.


·         The apartment. 3 days by 1 person.

·         Interrogation scene. 1 day 1 person.

·         The main character. 1-2 days 1 person.

·         The wife character. 1 day 1 person.


·         The main character. 5-7 days. Need to be tested really good. Will be used in the whole movie.

·         The wife character. 1-2 days. Just basic for the pictures.

When it comes to the pictures of the dead persons, in the album and so on, I think that you can do a mix of 3d and 2d to get the right results. Drawing on top of some 3d objects or just draw without 3d.

The animation needs to flawless, and a lot of face expressions that has to be perfect.

The soundtrack needs to be good. So here I want to buy one from a web site, or try to cooperate with some music students. Or maybe some others that can be interested.

Maybe the most important is to get everything timed well. So it will be a lot of work in the post production part.

If the group expands and we got a group of 3-5 people, it is a lot of things that can be included in the movie. I have thought about letting the wife be a fully rigged character that we can use for scenes where he looks back or scenes where he imagine his wife is there.

Add the shooting scene. Just where he enters the room and shoots. You never see the other characters, but you can see him shooting.

Animate the car driving over the wife so it can be used in a bad dream or something.

As you can see, this idea is well thought through. I think I got pretty much control when it comes to the modeling, texture, lighting, 2d pictures and editing. I am always open for discussion on what to change to make this movie better.

Second idea.

As mention above, I don’t want to make comedy and don’t want something similar to my first idea. So what's not often made? I haven't seen man 3d shorts in the horror genre, so I thought that could be a good way to go. But the horror movies don’t really got a good story, too often they are just about loud noises and scary moments. But that’s maybe what you want from a horror movie.

Since it's a horror story, I want it to be filmed with a hand held camera. Love the feeling, and love how insane scared I was the first time I saw "Blair witch project" a long time ago. So my character should always be the one who is filming. He can put it down to film himself if he needs to.

I want something like this part from the Blair Witch Project.

The story could be something like this. A man is going to make a documentary about a old house and it's story. Or maybe he is just a part of a bet where he needs to stay in a really old house for a night. Things starts to happen. Things disappear and noises is heard all over. Footsteps can be seen in the dust, the piano can be playing itself. Lights can starts to blink or totally go out. He can see a ghost behind him in a mirror.

The house can look something like this
So many things that can happen in a old house. The main character starts tries to find out what's really going on and finds out that this house has been used as a place for mentally ill persons. And has a room with torture things in the basement.

I want him to see ghosts and things that surprises people. I am not sure how this will end, but many options. Maybe he gets out? Maybe he is being tortured? Maybe he burn the whole house down? Maybe he find a way to get ghost to go away?
I think it could be cool to pull something like that off. But you need a big variety of scary sounds and effects. The ghosts can be done in many ways, but if you want a really good one it had been good with a fully rigged character. But that is not necessary they way I see it.

The interior of the house should be really old and dirty.

Maybe something like this?
Guess it's not much more to say about this story.

Really hope everyone that read this will leave a comment on what can be change to the better on both stories.

Update: I have written the first idea in more detailed.Download it here:
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1/29/2010 10:53:26 pm

Jeg liker din første historie meget godt. Følelsene i historien er i likhet med eksempel filmene som jeg syns er noen av beste filmene der ute. Det hadde vær kult om vi kunne fått til en slik film. Det er bare det at det krever mye jobb å få til animasjonen og kamra føring og ikke minst musikken. Det må også sies at du ikke bør gå for realistiske ansikter på figurene. For det kommer til å bli får vanskelig å animere og få naturlige ansiktsuttrykk. Heller gå for Pixsar ansikter eller som på eksempel filmene.

Andreas Magnussen
1/29/2010 11:08:44 pm

Takker for kommentaren.

Helt enig at det burde være mer pixar! har tenkt litt på det og det er for hardt og kjøre sånn stil.
Liker stilen i Sonata f.eks. enkelt og greit, men får fram det du vil.
Sant at det skl mye arbeid med kamera og animasjon, men musikken trur jeg faktisk ikke blir noe problem. Mye å velge i.

1/30/2010 09:02:36 pm

The first story about the mans dead wife can be a very good short film as long as it is done well. It is a powerfull subject and it needs to be handeled with care. You can go for a cartoonish stylized look, but that do require the cartoonish character to be able to express deep emotions, not overshadowed by overstylized facial features that can become hard to read.

I support the thought of not following the comedy norm that majority of short films today. It's important to be flexible in story writing and expression, in my opinion.

The horror idea also have great potential as a short film, lot's of clever use of lighting and camera movement. This one requires a great deal of good sounds to work well, or even at all. You need atmospheric sound and sound effects to achieve a believable scary atmosphere. Look at the movie Signs for example, it has a lot of scenes you can reference!

1/31/2010 08:04:55 am

I really one of the first story with piano animated short. It gave me a lot of inspiration to make one of these kind myself. But it's kind of to late now, I believe. Very dramatically, short and kind of easy to make. But like Alexander said I think you should go for more cartoonish character where you can focus more on deep emotions. Too complicated characters is harder to animate and hard to read, also time consuming! Well IMO=P
I have a lot of good piano list on spotify, If you would like to check it out;

1/31/2010 08:43:26 am

This is great, just great, really! Ive read your first story and honestly did not bother with the second. Why you say? Because I belive you have some gold, if not diamonds in that first pitch. Its a good story, and well thought out, and if done GOOD, it could, and would IMO, attract the attention of many viewers!

The theme is powerfull, the message is clear. I really dont think a realistic style would be good for this, if thats what your after. A more stylistic way would be more appropriate, not cartoonish, but with, i dunno, I cant seem to think of a suitable reference, but I guess you get the point ;P

Its good to see you have taken some real time to think this through as much as you have. Very nice indeed. From what I have seen from the others blogg's, none have been as thoughrough as you, in regards to at this time, take in consideration the time needed and such things. hehehe XD

I hope you choose this idea for your film, and maybe get one or two others to help out on it, cuz I wanna see this film realized. ^^

1/31/2010 03:21:27 pm

Firstly, the main aim of this course is to only focus on: (quote) "you can have good story that make people think and want to see the movie twice."

Secondly, it is very encouraging for us to hear that you do not want to do comedy per-se. Although jokes will never cease to stop - its the WAY YOU TELL comedy that makes the laugh, not the actual joke - you have done well to sell us two ideas and attract our attention to both.

Personally I do not think that the first idea would be a success. Yes, technically tough to achieve your desired aesthetic (style), but more so in that the story is not surprising enough. Think more about how this story would affect an audience in the cinema. This type of story needs very good ending, much symbolism in the camera (composition of elements) and an inciting incident that is well written in - you do not yet have an inciting incident or plot twists, and not that you were expected to have this right now.

It would take another 3 full days(maybe more) to get the script properly written so that you can proceed with production - its just that type of story.

I really do think you under-estimate the production time of assets and 3d elements - triple that time and we are getting closer!

Personally, the second idea pulls more punch!

It would be more fun to produce, you can research other productions to achieve your own simulacra (copy) quickly and an inciting incident always punches and shocks the audience early on!

I can see a group helping to develop this second idea in a successful and experimental way. With much reference out there you will be able to achieve a good result that stands out from the rest.


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