An update on the situation.

I have let the thoughts spin around, and had a couple of good days. The reason for that is that I have maybe found something where I can combine light and texture to create what I want to. Environment. I know that need some sort of modeling too, but I am not against modeling, it's fun when you don't need to much of it.

I need to create some spectacular scenes for my showreel. These 2 last days I have been trying to rush forward and thinking that I could make some scenes. BUT I need to understand that it doesn't just come like that. First of all, I need an idea and then I can move on to the concept art and so into max. And right now,  I got to finish 3 school projects who has to be delivered November 19th.

My classmates have been very helpful the 2 last days. One showed me how to come up with ideas on environment concepts and another have showed me how he makes a pretty nice cloud. And I have worked a lot on the Digital Acting module. Almost finished Project 3 and Project 1 is almost finished animating. Got the sound for Project 4, and have started thinking how the animation should go. I guess I gonna post project 3 tomorrow, and project 1 coming early next week. And between all this, I have been practicing in Photoshop and done some After Effects tutorials. So it's been some hectic days.

A lot happening this weekend, but I will try a tutorial from (can't link from 3dtoal) It's called Joy Tree and goes under Complete projects. It's exactly those kind of pictures that I want to make. And some city environment too.

I have to post one environment concept I started last day. I know it's not much, but I have never done this before so I got to start somewhere. Practice, practice and more practice! I will upload more pictures  when as I drew them, and I hope both you and I will see that I get better. I have also started reading ImagaineFX magazine and I have downloaded some of their workshops on who to draw Space, Environment and soon. Guess I got a lot to do. That's all for now.


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