So we have started on this new module, Storytelling and cinematography. And today the topic was Idea creation. For this part we had to do some activity's to find methods of getting new ideas.

The first one I tried was to write every idea I came up with within 30 minutes. I just wrote and didn’t care about the quality. This worked out very well for me, as I came up with some over 20 ideas. The danger of this is that is very easy to being taken of track, so you have to show discipline and just write. Here is my list:

Start time: 10.46 Pitch as many idea as possible.

A man hates to go to the denist. When he gets there he hallucinates a lot.
A 3d student is sucked into the pc screen and into 3ds max, can make objects and such.
A kid is missing both his legs, but wants to play football as other kids, so he gets robot legs.
A teacher is obsessed by a crazy ghost who wants to make students as dumb as possible.
The earth is overpopulated so they have to move somewhere else, like another planet. War with aliens.
A mum is so overproteced that she comes along with her kid to school, at party's, football practices and so on. She never let her kid out of sight.
Every singel computer in the world are tired of just being a computer, so the starts to come to life and want to take over the world.
Suddenly all the electronics is broken, and the population is panicing.
An old man wants to draw movement, so he sits down at an abandoned trainstation, but he dont draw fast enough, so he needs to make the train stop so he can get it right.
A kid starts to play poker at he wins a lot of money, the biggest prize pool ever, he can now do whatever he wants to
Famous comic characters starts to come to life, they have arrived from another dimension and dont understand why people are so 3d'ish
The sun dies and the human race is in danger, so a bunch of crazy scientists gets together to make and consctruct a whole new sun based on their knowledge
All of the kebab shops in whole norway wants to see who many norwegains they can kill by poison their bab's
Cola stops producing cola, how on earth can all of us who drink coke survive without it?
The next gen cars are on the market, they can fly, dive and take us up in light speed.
The Russians wants all the oil from Norway but Norway has for many years be developing a super advance defence system.
A girl wants to get one of each flower art in the whole world, she is only missing one, and needs to search for it
A bunch of different youngsters wants to move from their city, and start a whole new city in a distant place in another country.
People starts showing up at school at the time.
Exorcise is not allowed anymore and people are getting fat, really fat, like 300kg + but a medicine makes them survive, how will the world look like?
A fifteen year old young boy is bein scouted by the american Football clubs and gets a scholarship as an quarterback,
We can make everything that we make in 3d programs come to life and we can controll it by using a simple controll
Every singel sound in the whole univers is gone. We cant hear anything.

End time 11.15
So for the next method. This one is called something like "what if". We had to answer to 5 what if statement and write a bit about it. I feel that you need a main idea before you start off with this one because I mean that this is a more of a story producer. Well, here is my answers:

What if..

1. my journey to school was so dangerous that I needed personal guards?

The country had been divided into 2. One faction with normal people, and one with people who had been transformed to some monsterkind of people.  The monsterhumans wants to get normal people like me so they can turn them into monsters. So just to get to school, I had to have guards with guns and shit to protect me from these strange people. Armored cars and trains. At school we get gun training and other survival tips and trix.

2. light came to life?

All of the light just started flying around. To get some light we had to catch the light and never let go of it again. We had to invent this smart boxes where we good keep our light and always have it with us.

3. air started to cost money?

A company bought all the rights for air, and every human had to wear a "air-counter" who counted how much air you where breathing. Each month the counter is reset and everyone had to pay what the owe. If they couldn’t pay, they wouldn’t get any air anymore and probably would have died.

4. computers suddenly turned into robots and wants to get revenge on the humans?

Life will never be the same again. One day suddenly every computer in the whole world turned into robots and wanted revenge for every time they have been beaten and punch. The robots goes to war and human is getting crushed.

5. I could teleport where ever I wanted.

Suddenly I got the gift of teleporting to every single corner of the world. Of course everyone I touched would have joined me for me crazy trip. I would have discovered the whole world and become famous. I would have made a lot of money and be super rich!
And so for the last one. A bit strange method if you ask me. The point is just to write down every nonsense you can came up with and hope that it produces something you can use. For this one, you can't think too much. That is maybe some of my problem when it comes to this method. Need to turn off my brain. I tried this method twice, here is the result.

1. The future are dangerous. Noone knows whats gonna happen. Maybe do we live on forever. Computers got many differents buttons and shit. For many years scientist has being the upper class people of this word. Carrot can be the must fearing think in the world. In the garbage you can find many interresting things, unless u dont know what you have threw away. Too much candy is good for the creativity. War is comming. When? Dont know. We need guns and gunships, maybe some robots too. Lets play ball! For some time the girl had be starring at the boy in the class, she wanted to kill him, and get his heart for an experiment. She wants to make her teddy bear come alive. She needs a new friend, a friend who lives and can speak. All she is missing is the the heart. Now she can show everybody that she aint alone, she shall prove that she can make friends too.
2. The spaceship turned around in full speed and saw a light. It was purple and couldn’t be stopped. Suddenly it was war. Cows were flying and snakes swimming. No fear at all. STOP! someone yelled, and it all stopped. It was just like the time freeze. But the snow said something else. Like no other man has ever did before, he ran so fast that everyone just looked at him and drooled.

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