The day had to come. We needed a name, and had postponed it too long I think. At the start it was okey to work with a movie without a title. You really don’t care what it is named because you are so busy modeling, animating, and texturing. Why we needed a name now? Well, we are about 5 weeks from delivery, and it’s time to start to promote our movie a bit. Create some buzz. And it dosen’t really looks so good if you call the movie “working title” or “blank”.

What is need of a title of a movie? Actually nothing. It’s only a word that people will remember if the movie was good, or extremely bad. But I think it’s good to have a title that suits the movie, and don’t send the audience in totally wrong direction.

As a take a quick glimpse at my DVD’s, I can see that it is not many poetic titles, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. One common thing some of the titles are that is says specific something about the movie. For example, Saving Private Ryan and Kill Bill give you the goal of the movie.

Con air, The rock, and Fight Club. Not exactly creative at the best, but it is something you remember and suits a action movie well. The Last Samurai is a bit more poetic.

Well, want a title that is a bit poetic, strong, and that is easy to remember. I feel that one word title is best. But then it needs to be good.

Long time ago we made a document where we could fill in name if we come up with something. Now it was time to clean the some dust away and open it. And oh, we had written loads of crap. But when you are supposed to find a name, you shouldn’t think too much. Just let the creativeness float and you will come up with a golden name in the end.

These are the names that we had written down:

  • Finding Life
  • Faith of Life
  • Life to be found
  • The darkness of life
  • Lifeless
  • Survive
  • Life
  • Survive Life
  • Not yet...
  • Facing Death
  • La Calma del Infinito
  • Beyond the Veil
  • The fear within
  • Return to me
  • A teddy tale
  • The Darkness in the Veil
  • Knowing
  • Allways waiting, allways with you
  • Plana del Infinito Calma
  • The epic journey of a little girl trying to find her way in the plane between life and death
  • We will meet again
  • I'll be waiting ( here, for you (i dunno?))

Some of these words did catch our eyes when we opened the document. Life, Death, Veil, Fear, Within.

To help us a bit, we used a site called You throw a lot of words in, and get a nice picture back that contains all of your words randomly put together.

We wanted a name that told something about our movie, but didn’t reveal the story. If you kinda know what I mean? So the discussion went on, and we come up with a new list of names.

A. Infinite Knowing
B. Fear of Life
C. Lifeless fear
D. Journey Beyond
E. Veil of Life
F. Beyond Life
G. Faith Within Darkness
H. Fear Within the Darkness
I. Path beyond the Veil
J. Strings of Love
K. Truth beyond the Veil of Fear/Darkness
L. Truth of life
M. Fear beyond Knowledge
N. Darkness of Life
O. Lifeless Despair
P. Calm within Faith
Q. Fearfull Faith
R. Love beyond Fear (Death...?)
S. Truthfull Darkness
T. Facing Fear Within
U. Trails of life/death
V. Fear within life/death
W. Shadows of life
X. Return of Light
Y. Light of life/death
They name got more poetic and much deeper. But still, some of us wanted a name that was easy, and with punch. So our 3 last suggestions were:




Down to 3! But it isn’t easy to choose even though its only 3. I felt that Veil of Life, was a poetic and deep name. It can’t be interpret in many ways, and that is why it is a good name. Despair are also a deep name, but much easier. I got punch, and look good. This was my favorite for some time. I think that Despair describes the feeling of the girl. Beyond Fear is not that poetic and deep, but it is more of an action title I feel. Its catchy, got action written all over it and it is a good title.

We couldn’t agree on a movie name, so we voted and Veil of Life won. It suits the movie well.

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