Hello again, third day at school now.

We got an assignment where we had to look at six specific short movies and write some words about them. Well here is my work. Enjoy!

Norman Mclaren – Dots (1940)


I like that the video is so simple, but it still gets your full attention. The music is like someone doing a “beat box” with his mouth and the music is a bit catchy. I love the way the sound is being used in this movie. It’s hard to try to follow all the dots at the end because the speed goes up.

I really can’t imagine where I would see this kind of movies. It’s like a short movie you could show to children just to keep them busy.


Pocoyo – Something among friends


The first and main thing I notice with this video is the animation. It’s fast and funny and makes the video fun to watch. This is clearly a children’s program, and I think the modeling is done when they have that I their mind. The models are simple but nice looking.

As I mentioned, I think this is a movie or series that will be shown at TV for the children.


Café serré


I just love the look of the movie. Brilliant! It’s a bit real looking, but still a very cartoonish look. The animation is really good too. It fits the look and makes the movie very cool to watch and the story was funny and makes you laugh a bit.




At the start I didn’t get the point, but when you watch I over again, you understand more and more. But it is a bit too long for my taste. What I like about this movie is the start when he looks back and when we take a dive into his head, at 00:47. It’s like a shocking effect and you really start pay attention.  I don’t know why, but I like when it’s black and white and the colorful things comes around his head. Maybe it’s the contrasts.


Cyber evolution – fantasy animation


I think the start is a mess. It goes so fast and I quite can’t see what I am looking at. But the music matches very well. I like when it stops up and everything is a new style and the animation is slow. Really good looking.


Toyota – Branding/Prius


I like that the tree has so clear colors, while everything around is a bit blurry. And while the tree grows big, the environment around it gets some color too. Cool concept! The camera movement is cool as it rotates around the tree the whole time and you never take the eye of it. Our teacher pointed out that he liked the aerial view in the last shot, and I share that opinion.


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