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The final 2d animatic
This was a tricky project, not because we didnt know how to do it, but because we had a storyboard to draw. Since Knut and I had to draw the storyboard and the final pictures that should be used in the animatic, Mats Hovind become the project leader for this one. He wanted to learn nuke, so it become the program used for the 2d animatic.

First we took the draft sketches form the storyboard and started to make a animatic form that. We discussed it in our group on how the camera should move, and how it should look, then Mats did that in nuke and learned how the program worked. He worked for the most alone, but one day he got some help with the timing from Jank Kristian.

The last day before delivering we all sat down and decided how the final animatic should look. Some contributed more than others, but so it always will be in a group. We worked close together and rendered out drafts to see what could be changed and did the changes. Jan Kristian was supposed to find some sounds to the animatic, but he didn’t find anything that would made the animatic better, so we dropped the sounds completely. It would only ruin it.

This way of working was probably not the best way. I would prefer to work together with Mats on the animatic from the start and help him make decisions. More heads and thoughts always comes up with a better result on a shorter amount of time. But the drawing took a lot more time than we had planned and family trouble for Knut made this even harder. But when things happen, we have to make the best of it.

We could have used a program for the animatic who everyone knew, so we wasn’t so dependent on Mats. But Mats did a good job, and worked a lot. The majority of the group always have the last word, but Knut was gone the day before delivery, so that crippled our group because it was his story and he who had a vision on how it should look.

If we had more time, we could made some more different and advanced camera moves that would show what we was thinking better and give it a more filmatic look. Sounds would also take it to another level, but it had to be sounds that fit the movie and don’t ruin it. The line between brilliant and failure is thin when it comes to adding sounds. And you need a lot of time to make the sound match perfectly to the animatic.

I also would have made some changes in some of the shots. A bit more faster cutting to get more pace on the parts where it's action in the movie.

To go from a storyboard to an animatic gives it more of a feeling of how the movie would look. I think that it can be useful if you do it right. It's nice to see how the scenes would look when it's clipped together, and it's better to do changes in the animatic than it is one a rendered 3d movie. The earlier you make the changes the less time it takes to change it. Our animatic turned out good, but I feel that it still is missing some of the pace and some transitions. But I think that you can see what we were thinking and what directions we would take it. I think it would looked better if we had the whole group gathered at all times.

I was responsible for the drawings together with Knut. We provided Mats with drawings. Everyone also had responsibility of taking a look at Mats computer from time to time. I am sure that I could have been checking in on him a couple of more times than I did to give him more support.

So, last words now. Overall I am happy with the result we managed to get. The time spent on this wasn’t as much as I wanted it to be. But a deadline is a deadline, something we just have to learn. I think we could have made it better in some ways if we had more time, and if everyone did their part of the work.
9/13/2010 10:35:42 am

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