18 weeks has past like a storm. The movie is now done, and delivered. This will be the last blog post from that project. But new projects will be wrote about, so stay tuned. This is a reflective post where I look back, and try to put words on what I have learned and experienced.

Let’s reflect.

First of all, this project started out with frustration. I was standing without a group, but what I thought was awesome story that should be told. Other was feeling the same way, but my teacher did not like it. That’s fair. He didn’t tell me to not to it, on the contrary he told me that he would help me make it better even though I chose that story. A great teacher and person. Many reasons not to do my story really, the main was that Knut Eliassen was looking for a group, and I wanted to work with him. And the rest is history.

Together with Fredrik Pettersen and Mats Hovind we made a story like no others. I am proud to say that our story is well thought through and we have been brave in some of our decisions involving camera placement and the story. I am a bit worried we don’t have managed to tell our story good enough, but I hope. We worked so much on it, although not everything did go as we planned, we delivered an awesome movie.

We did not see it at the start, but it was really too much for a group of 4 unpolished artists. We were so close getting it all perfect, but we missed out on some things. But even though we did that, our movie is good. Of course we wanted to do something different. But nothing of that matters now, we are done. Finished.

I have learned so much the last 18 weeks. So much that I do not know where to start. Not just programs, and how to make a 3d short, but also how to act in a group, how to talk and treat different persons so they can perform their best. I have evolved as an artist so many ways. My eyes are looking at things in a different way, an artistic way.

What I feel I need to work on, is my animation skills. Even though I don’t not want to do work as an animator, I want to be able to do it. A job can be a combination of many things, so want to make sure that I am not getting thrown away because I can’t animate. Not that I think I can’t animate, but I know that I need to work on my workflow, and get better at it.

This project has had its ups and downs. The best is maybe the post-production when you see how awesome it looks, and you know the end is near. Another good thing to take with me, are all the positive response on my blog. It’s not just from the teacher, but also from my fellow students.  This really pushes be to make it better, and keep writing through the summer, and keeping my fingers warm.

So that’s it. 18 weeks is gone, and a movie is born. Enjoy it, and please to contact if you wonder about something. Have a nice summer!

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