So, the Student Film Project has started. I haven't posted anything at my blog yet, but here comes the first post. After this one I will try to get about 1-2 posts each week where I reflect on decisions and how the work is developing.

It all started when I showed up at school and decided not make movie of my story. I found out that the story wasn’t really developed enough and it missed some important pieces. To make a long story short, I went to a couple of group meetings and found out what the others was thinking, but in the end I ended up making a new story with Knut, Fredrik and Mats. I will tell a more about the story and some details around it in my next post.

I think we are group with different skills and think we want to achieve the same things with this project. Let me introduce them:

Mats is the "special effects guy". He is learning Fume at the moment, and doing it with great success. It is a key element in our movie that we get this part right, and I really think we will get this part spot on. He is also know Nuke really good, so we will take advantage of this.

Fredrik is the all-rounder. He has studied technical draftsmanship so he know how buildings should look like, and he is a steady modeler. Loads of thing in this movie will be modeled by this guy. Fredrik likes that things is done fast and efficient. So we need to try to keep his tempo.

Knut is the guy that lets us know that things needs to be awesome. He pushes us until the work is great and is at the needed standard. His skills is many, one of the them are in Zbrush and any type of character modeling. He will do the main characters. He is also a awesome drawer, and the storyboard will be just awesome.

And then it's me. I amthe guy in group that will be nagging on people if they don’t do anything. I can't stand when people just watch someone else do their work, so I will always work hard myself. My main focus in this project will be lighting and texturing. Will be exciting since I haven't used Vray before.

I will come back with more sometime in the next days with more about the story and the storyboard.  

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