We are now in the last days of this project. I am stressed out and really tired at the moment, average time of 12 hours each day at school this week. So my life is basically just school and with almost 3 hours of travelling time, I just work with this project and sleep. But it is necessary to get this awesome movie done!

As I said, I am really tired, and my body just wants to sleep. But at school with my group, I try not to show how frustrated I get, I try not to complain a lot, and I do work my best all the time. This project has been an eye-opener on how much other people can affect each other. If one does not work properly, all of us fall down to his or hers level. Or if one get frustrated, all of us get it. This is exactly what happened last day, a group member was coming in and all he did was complaining and being frustrated. This does something to the whole group. No offense, but if people should be like that, stay in bed a couple more hours instead of doing outside school stuff all night long when you are in the last days at the project. You are always responsible for working when you are in a group project. If one fails, all fail.

So, that’s was a harsh start of this post, but now I will write a bit about the Post Production pipeline for our group.

I don’t think I have mentioned it, but we are rendering with a lot of passes and saving in an exr format.  This means that we can get out every pass we have rendered from that file. I was really skeptical of using this, because we needed to use Nuke. A program only Mats has used a lot before, and then again we are so dependant of mats doing almost all of the Post Production, when it comes to color correction and such. And I would then bring it in to After Effects or Premier Pro to get transitions right. I did not think that this workflow would be efficient, and our result would be the same if we rendered in standard tga and brought into After Effects.

And I was wrong. When we have the passes, we got a so powerful tool when it comes to masking out and correcting only certain areas of an image. But, Mats is the only guy knowing this program, but he has been brilliant throughout the first days of Post Production. He gets a lot of questions thrown at him, and he needs to get up and help us a lot. But he takes it with a smile, and helps out and explaining. Credit to Mats!

But is the result good enough when it comes to time used at this process? The result really speaks for itself.
And Nuke got this brilliant node system. When you first have made a node-system that corrects your image well, you can just load up another picture and you get the same color correction there, loads its passes and it is easy to make changes.
BUT! I can see a danger with this. Now that we have seen what we can do, it’s dangerous to be stuck in this program looking for awesomeness and then trying to make our frames excellent and flawless. This program got some rendering time, and this can be our biggest falling pit ever. But I am aware, and trying to make the others aware to. Will we succeed? On the 15th of June we will know.

That’s it, a small post about some final thoughts and that we might need a little miracle to finish this. We might just get that.

A bit of an update now: Since I wrote this post, I have been setting up some others shots, and o’boy I am having fun! I wish I could work with Post Production Rest of my life! Some new screens under here:

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