It is great to be back in school again, and we go right work. Our first assignment is to get a website up and running so you people out there can see what we do and our previous work. I am looking forward to get some more stuff out at this page.

So, how did I get here? Well, it all started with my grandpa. He was really interested in drawing so I decided to be an architect in an age of 10 or so. I was studying Technical Draftsmanship (finished in 2006) and used Autocad, a program from Autodesk. We pushed the program to the limit and tried to make cool 3d objects, but the program wasn’t for that purpose. So I started to search for program where you could make 3d art, and found 3ds Max. I was hooked on learning more, so I started to study 3d design and animation at Noroff (finished in 2009). Learned a lot that year, and now I have started at my second year at Noroff.

I use 3ds Max for the most of the time, but I am looking forward to take a big dive into many other programs this year. I am very interested in effects, so I can’t wait to start learning Aftereffects and learning more about different ways of making effects in and outside 3d studio max.

The Transformers movies are the most exciting movies made in the last year if you ask me. I love the effects and story is good too. I am also very fond of the Lord of the ring movies because of the big battle scenes.  

I feel that my skills in 3d are good enough, but I feel that I need that last edge to be good enough to work with 3d at the moment. I could use some more experience I think. So this year I am going to work hard to find my way of doing things, and I hoping to learn a lot .

That’s it for today.

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